We knew we weren’t creating a portal for an ordinary preschool. Villa Montessori Center needed a first-rate website which is as interactive and engaging as the school itself. Because of the school’s reputation for excellence, we needed to pay particular attention to detail to reflect this. We packed our lunchboxes, rolled up our sleeves, and began creating a portal for families to glean all the information they need about one of the best preschools in the country.


According to Villa Montessori’s teaching philosophy, an adult acts as an assistant who encourages a child to investigate, learn, and develop. The Montessori educational philosophy emphasizes the “help me help myself” principle and accounts for the varying aspects of a child’s personality and development. The approach pays special attention to the child’s emotional, linguistic, and intellectual growth.

So, with this in mind…we channeled our own inner child. First, we helped ourselves to cookies; then, we created a design that is bright, welcoming, and full of information — just like the school itself.


The end product and branding are a continuation of the school’s teaching philosophy: lively, encouraging, smooth, and easy-to-use. We paid special attention to the website’s navigation flow so that families can easily find the required information like the educational program, daily menu (cookies, anyone??), and instant camera access to observe the learning in progress. We chose the colors and layout of the website to correspond with the new brand identity of the Center. By the end, all of us were ready to go back to school.