The Project

The Small Enterprise Fund (SEF – International) is the brainchild of WorldVision Armenia. They set out to develop a platform to help rural entrepreneurs and farmers finance their growing businesses. Their solution, micro financing, has become a huge hit. Since 2003,

SEF has helped thousands of rural communities stand on their own.Gathering feedback, they decided that their website needed to be accessible and clear to rural viewers. So they turned to us.

The Focus

SEF tasked us with designing a new website that would be even easier for rural entrepreneurs and farmers to access. We decided to focus on what SEF does best: simplicity reliability and transparency.

We worked to reflect these principles in our design just as the fund does. The result was a beautiful and simple site, prominently displaying key information.

Illustration design

THe Elements

To maintain simplicity, the site makes ample use of clear graphic elements. Different sections are also highlighted for ease of access.

We hoped that this would contrast with other financial institutions which rely on financial jargon to confuse clients instead of helping them make the right choices.

THe Responsivnes

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