Brand Identity

Saroyan is a shop in Yerevan that sells hipster products. Their brand, like their spirit, was engendered to be modern with adoration for the past. Inspired by vintage letterforms, we hand-lettered the logo to exert an olden feel worthy of the hipster lifestyle.

w. saroyan’s mustache

Saroyan’s mustache, along with other signature mustaches of famous Armenians, including that of Teryan, Siamanto, Nzhdeh, were designed to became the symbols and patterns of the shop’s wrapping and packaging material – the perfect way to fuse contemporary culture with that of the local past.

Along with the mustaches, other emblems and tokens were devised, which were also made into linocut stamps and used on craft paper to complete the extra rugged and aged ambiance of the shop’s character.

armenian ancient carpet

Instead of creating a single design to serve the brand, and which is then applied onto everything, we developed four emblems and patterns to allow for creativity and flexibility when creating the tags, bags, business cards and packaging.

packaging inspiration

The shape of the obsidian, a volcanic glass, gave us the inspiration for Saroyan’s beard care packaging design. In the early stages of human development obsidian played a pivotal role. The male inhabitants of the Armenian Highlands used obsidian to create tools such as knives, arrowheads, spear tips, and scrapers.

We constructed Saroyan’s beard care packaging concept to exert the jagged, fierce and mountainous spirit of the Neolithic man, to constantly remind the modern man of his nature and power as he grooms his masculine facial hair.

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