The hospitality business is rapidly growing in Armenia, creating a competitive market where businesses must be innovative, appealing, and ahead of the game. Designing the interior of the exquisite boutique Nova Hotel in the heart of Yerevan gave us an opportunity to use our wide range of talents and creativity and fully challenge our skills. The hotel is situated in the busy center of the city and away from main streets and not immediately accessible. Given the limited visibility of the building and the competitive nature of the hospitality business, we paid fine attention to detail to attract visitors using an appealing design and an experience of welcoming comfort. We may be slightly biased, but we’d recommend staying here.


We began our journey by taking into account Nova Hotel’s rich brand identity and incorporating this into a unique interior design scheme. We blended a modern urban look with elements from an ancient history of unique Armenian decoration and heritage. We wanted to capture the feel of this timeless, cultural design scheme by using local stone (tuff) for both the interior and exterior. Complimenting this with artfully-placed wood and adding warmth and an urban feel by using sleek and modern colors, we created the desired harmony of the new world and the old. For our finishing touch, we added an intimate wine tasting corner in the hotel’s café to attract a wide range of clients. Every element, space, and aspect of the hotel is deliberate and designed with enormous excitement and attention to detail. After it was all said and done, did we move to the wine tasting corner for a sampling? Do you have to ask?


Comfortable and cozy: those were our main goals when developing the design of the rooms. We concentrated on creating a friendly and relaxing atmosphere that would attract business people and tourists alike. Because of the layout of the building, we developed creative solutions to make four separate types of rooms ranging from 12-45 square meters within very limited floor space. We finalized the entire interior in a short time, detailing every centimeter and testing all the rooms and spaces before the opening of the hotel. Did we jump on the beds during the testing process? Why yes, we sure did.