If you follow football, you will know Henrikh Mkhitaryan. Known affectionately as “Micki”, the Arsenal player is one of the best midfielders in Europe. He is also a hero in his homeland of Armenia. When he approached us to create his official website, we were extremely honored. Was it our sleek, creative work that attracted him or our dashing good looks? Either way, we were eager to design an interface as exceptional as Micki himself.



For Henrikh’s website, we created a unique user experience that is as engaging as his playing style. We incorporated his core values and intentions throughout the design so that fans can feel fully involved not just as spectators but as participants in his story and life. We know we certainly do.
PS: We LOVE you, Micki.



For the design, we emulated the atmosphere of a football stadium, starting with the intensity and emotions of first entering the pitch. The scrolling runs from side to side, just like a midfielder throughout the game. The color scheme was carefully chosen to simulate a football player’s tense experience during a match: an edgy and aggressive contrast of red and black. The same flow was applied to the structure and stylistics. Overall, the site is designed to reflect the spirit of Henrikh’s playing style, synthesizing dynamic motion with reactivity.


To match Henrikh’s adaptable playing style, we created a website that moves and changes with the user’s activity. The interface is intuitive and versatile, being reactive to the viewer both in the browser and mobile versions. Micki doesn’t hesitate to transition in technique and form—and neither do we.

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