If you live in Armenia, then you are already enjoying the great taste of Armenian fruits. Aroma Alco makes special Armenian vodka known as OGHI. In a country known for its organic fruits, Aroma Alco wanted to take advantage of it and produce high quality fruit vodka, with a special focus on the kind of fruits that has roots to Armenian culture, like the apricot, which is known to the world as the Armenian plum (Prunus Armeniaca). Awesome idea!


Conveying a sense of freshness, the logo’s custom type is clear and legible. The shape takes into account the requirements of the label while the colours signify the respective fruits. The supporting type, Onyx is simple yet unique, and it displays consistently across print and web.


Aroma alco’s color palette – a nod to the fruit environment in the blues, greens, and yellows found in the fruits.