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We have a new retro item in our office, and we love it!

By Anginé Pramzian


Hovig and I were walking through the vernisaj Saturday morning and we noticed UNIS typewriter, we get it immediately for $30. After an internet search we discovered interesting facts about this model.

The very-stylish and successful design of this typewriter, originally named Traveller, was created in 1969 by Alfons Boothby and Georges Joseph for Olympia. Its innovative design and combination of colors brought a splash of elegance and originality to the typewriter industry, allied to sturdy reliable mechanics. Models with additional functions (like the ribbon color selector) were called “deLuxe” and an “S” was added for models with a fixed tabulator. From 1971 this same model started also to be produced in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia by UNIS (Udružena Metalna Industrija Sarajevo). It was re-branded tbm (tvornica biro mašina, meaning “office machine factory”). There is no difference between the Olympia and the UNIS models, the construction and performance are identical and both of high standards. The reason of the double branding is related to the Cold War, the UNIS supplied the Eastern side of the Iron Curtain with the same model as Olympia supplied the Western side. Production of the UNIS tbm and Yugoslavian OTDL continued at least until the late 1980s.

We bring it to the office on Monday morning and Aram (our developer) tried to do coding on it :).